Monday, November 29, 2010


We're glad that you had the opportunity to enjoy the American celebration of Thanksgiving. We've learned that most every culture has a harvest festival of some kind. We are guessing that beans and yams are crops that grow well in the tropical climate of Togo. We are preparing for the season of winter which begins in mid December. Soon we will be wearing hats, gloves, and boots. There are many holidays that take place during the winter season, the biggest being Christmas. There's lots of excitement as we get ready to celebrate holiday traditions. Some of our classmates celebrate Ramadan and some celebrate Christmas. We will be learning about holiday customs in other countries as well. What is the biggest holiday in Togo? We read a folktale from Western Africa. The main character was Anansi the spider, a very popular character in African folklore. Are there storytellers in Togo? Do they tell stories of Anansi too? We researched endangered species. We learned about elephants being killed for their ivory tusks. Laws that protect these animals against poachers are helping, but they are still at risk. Are there other endangered species in Togo? Have you seen an elephant? The feast of Knocking Down the Wall sounded like it would make a great movie! What are some of the songs and games you teach at the kids club? We love to sing and play games, too! We also hate mosquitoes but we have learned that microbats eat mosquitoes. So we're thankful for bats! And we are thankful that we get to learn many things about Africa from you!

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